There are limits to Google Analytics.

It’s just a clickstream instrument and there are limits to clickstreams.

The clickstream estimates your website’s degree of interaction. It registers how much a visitor is interacting with your website (and hopefully that visitor is an actual person). The sort of visitor interaction, whether positive or negative, cannot be distinguished.

An engaged visitor could spend half an hour devouring the information on your website. A puzzled person could also use a broken search and fail to discover what they are looking for. Both will be measured by your website and show a high level of interaction.

You need to discover the kind of interaction on your website to be effective.

One of the most efficient ways of doing this is through primary market research. In particular, surveying your target market.

Consumer’s insights will offers perspectives you can’t find anywhere else. Surveys are the best friend you have.

Our recent survey has been a huge success. We received more than 100 responses.

The survey’s most frequent response was that you want more research studies. And that is what this is all about.

Ask, “How am I going to use that information?”Is this a helpful question?”

This is what we asked in the survey for each question.

Inevitably, the answer was always, “Yes, of course.” One of our favorite questions was to find your favorite medium for learning about communications and marketing.

Is that a helpful question? Yes.

How is this information going to be used? Let’s focus our content efforts on your most preferred medium.

This question gave us many bits of knowledge that can be applied. (Prioritise written; our podcast is a preferred way for some of our viewers to learn; video is popular and there are fans of infographics too.)

The next question we asked you was your “LEAST preferred medium.” Is this useful? Of course.

This would seem to tell us, on intuition, the same amount of actionable knowledge as the previous question. To exile any despised medium, we would alter our content strategy.

How is this information going to be used?

After closer inquiry, we found that the least preferred medium is not going to be exiled.

Audio was by far the least preferred medium. Will our podcast be scrapped? No.

For a segment of our audience, audio is the favorite medium. It also gives us other advantages such as prestige, reputation, relationship building, and possibilities for learning. It’s got a great return for the time invested.

What we did not ask was “How am I going to use this information?”We will not use your least preferred medium information in this example.

Ask yourself how you use the information in your surveys. And be precise. It’s the details that tell you if it’s worth asking the question.

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